Best Laid Plans…

I am on a forced vacation this week.  That’s not a complaint.  I have been at my job for 10 years now and am eligible for 4 weeks vacation.  In the grand scheme of things, that’s a lot.  Because I never really travel or plan “real” vacations (money is an issue), my manager will sometimes schedule surprise time off for me now and then.  It’s kinda nice coming to work on Wednesday and find out that you have the next week off!

So, this week I’m off from Tuesday through Saturday.  Tuesday was spent cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, catching up on blog and e-mail reading and playing The Sims.  On Wednesday, I went to the grocery store, crossed some things off of my to-do list and played The Sims.  Before I went to bed, I decided that I would devote the next 3 days of my vacation sewing.

Well, it’s now 5:00pm on Wednesday and what have I sewn?  I mended holes in 2 sweaters, hemmed some store bought pants for work, and sewed up the zipper on my favorite purse (when you buy bags off the street you can’t expect them to last forever – but I damn sure am going to do everything in my power).  That’s all.  So not the intended plan.

The problem?  I need clothes. The only thing in my closet are black & khaki chinos, black polo shirts for work, and ill-fitting jeans. Confused? With a wardrobe this limited, it should be easy to add something to it, right?  Wrong.  I need anything and everything.  I don’t have any basics – little black dress, black dress trousers, white cotton shirt – the list can go on and on.  It’s so overwhelming that deciding what to sew is almost impossible.

First, I tried to base it on the thread now on my serger.  If you are unfamiliar with a serger, it cuts the fabric and sews it at the same time.  It has 2 needles and four spools of thread and changing that thread can be a pain.  To hem the aforementioned work pants, I changed the thread from black to beige.  Off I went to find some beige fabric to sew up.  I found this Ralph Lauren twill that I got from for $1 a yard.  It is a thin twill, though, so instead of chinos (always in work mode, I am), I decided to make some lightweight cargo pants.  But after going through my 200+ pattern collection, I couldn’t find one for cargos.  How is that possible?

Then I moved on to a sure thing.  I need a lightweight jacket for this early spring weather and I had the perfect light brown denim fabric and pattern and buttons.  What I didn’t have?  Thread.  So I put that on the fabric store shopping list.  I didn’t cut the pattern out anyway, because in my past I had the tendency to cut stuff out in anticipation of sewing and never getting around to it.  Moving on.

Now, what do I sew?  I kind of walked around in circles trying to decide.  Should I make something work appropriate, since that’s the only place I go?  Or should I throw caution to the wind and make a pretty dress, knowing that my social life in its current incarnation doesn’t require one?  I fell back on my self-diagnosed OCD to get me through this decision.

A while ago, I made these 3 x 5 cards with different project ideas on them so I can randomly choose one and force myself to make something.  They have words like: African (make something out of that fabric), Pants, Skirts, Tim Gunn’s Wardrobe list, etc.  You get the idea.  So, I pulled them out and the card I chose was “Inspiration Wall”.  That’s the wall above my sewing area with pictures cut out of magazines.  The one I was immediately drawn to was a clip from Lucky magazine with looks of chinos and button down shirts.  Perfectly on trend and perfect for work.

But, I don’t have a pattern that I like for chinos in my stash.  I found one from HotPatterns that I liked, but I have never sewn them before and am a little intimidated.  I set the pattern aside with the fabric because I need a zipper – added to the shopping list. For the shirts I pulled four different cottons: beige, bright orange, chocolate brown & a bright orange & yellow plaid.  I need buttons for all of these.  Have the right pattern though. 

But now I’m not so motivated anymore and am starting to think that I need to focus my energies elsewhere, like losing all this weight (did I mention that I am the heaviest I’ve ever been?  I seriously need a personal trainer), or re-working my resume (to afford that personal trainer).  It will be much more fun making clothes for a smaller body, I think.  On the other hand, I can use this time to perfect my sewing skills so that my new skinny clothes will be perfection.

To add more to the FML aspect of my day (and last weekend – that’s another story), my computer started freaking out in the middle of typing this post, so I have lost another 2 hours of faux-sewing time.  Oh well, I’ve since opened a bottle of wine and shouldn’t be wielding scissors anyway…

4 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans…

  1. Throw caution to the wind & make that dress! Then find a reason to wear that bitch or no reason at all if not just to make yourself feel like a woman.

    Im just saying!

  2. @ Tafari, now that I got a little Merlot in my system, I agree with you. I might throw together a clingy maxi-dress that fat Toni & skinny Toni can wear!

  3. Keep sewing! My favorite Aunt taught me how, but I have let it go in the passing years. I wish I could go back…

    Doesn't matter if you are not the size you want…sew!!!!

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