Romance Blitz

13. Sweet Dreams
by Rochelle Alers
The third and final book in The Eatons series.  The Eatons are a family of educators in Philadelphia and each book details their paths to love.  Chandra Eaton is returning home after living abroad.  In her haste, she leaves her journals, where she chronicles her erotic dreams, in a taxicab.  The next occupant, successful playwright Preston Tucker, finds them and returns them. Will he tell Chandra that he’s read them?

14. Hot Westmoreland Nights
 by Brenda Jackson
The tag line for this series is “A family bound by loyalty…and love!”  There are a bunch of these Westmoreland dudes – brothers & cousins – and none of them ever want to get married! So these quick Harlequin Silhouette Desire books are all about how they reluctantly fall in love. Journalist Chloe Burton arrives at Ramsey Westmoreland’s ranch to interview him.  After a misunderstanding has her taking on the role of ranch cook, will Ramsey still find her attractive when he learns the truth?

15.  Ravished by Desire
by Brenda Jackson
This is actually 2 books in one:  A Little Dare & Thorn’s Challenge.  They were originally released years ago and were out of print.  They are both Westmoreland books from the beginning of the series.  A Little Dare is about Dare Westmoreland reconnecting with an old love that he thought betrayed him.  Thorn’s Challenge is about a woman that Thorn Westmoreland meets at his brother Dare’s wedding.  They are like oil and water – but can’t stay away from each other.

16. Kissed by a Carrington
by Linda Hudson-Smith
Sometimes I hate these titles, they seem so corny…but anyway.  After being set up on a date, confirmed bachelor and basketball player Houston Carrington is intrigued by Kelly Charleston and wants to get to know her better.  What he doesn’t know is that she has just signed on to be the new team’s doctor.

17. Sensual Confessions
by Brenda Jackson
The latest in the Madaris series, which is one of my favorites. One of the younger men in the Madaris family, Blade has watch one after another as his older siblings and cousins fall victim to affairs of the heart.  He meets attorney Samari Di Meglio and intends to sweep her off her feet but he has met his match in the literal “player hater”.

18. It Had to be You
by Francis Ray
What do you do when you run out of family members to write about? You start a series based on their friends! This is a Grayson friends novel.  Hot, in demand record producer “Rolling Deep” has done everything in his power to work this classical violinist Laurel Raineau. However, she has heard of his reputation and wants nothing to do with her. So RD, using his real name, Zachary Wilder, works hard to convince her otherwise.

19. Words of Seduction
by Dara Girard
After her horrible divorce, Suzanne Rand became a bestselling author using tales from the small town she grew up in to inspire her novel.  When she returns home after her father dies to settle his affairs, the town, and especially Rick Gordon, lets her know that they don’t appreciate having their dirty laundry aired.  Growing up Rick was the boy from the other side of the tracks and is now a successful businessman who wants to enact revenge on Suzanne for something that happened when they were teenagers.

 20. Spontaneous
by Brenda Jackson
Brenda Jackson is basically the only African-American author whose work is published by the Harlequin monthly series.  Spontaneous is part of the May 2010 Harlequin Blaze series.  Kimani Cannon meets Duan Jeffries at a wedding and decides that he will be a perfect one night stand.  When she needs a fake fiance to pose as a date for her mother’s fifth wedding, she sees Duan as the perfect candidate.

 21. Meet Me In Paris
by Simona Taylor
You know that I’m a sucker for any contemporary novel that leaves the confines of the U.S., right?  New in town, Trey Hammond is the new owner of a travel agency and discovers that quite a bit of money has been embezzled.  All clues point to Kendra Forrest as the culprit. Rather than causing her the humiliation of persecution, he suggests that she work it off by becoming his temporary housekeeper.

 22.  Trail of Kisses
by Michelle Monkou
The Ladies of Distinction are a group of sorority sisters who serve as a support group for one another.  When one of the ladies, Asia Crawford is laid-off from her job, the others step up and give her an all-expenses paid vacation to the Colorado Rockies to clear her mind. However, a scheduling mix-up has handsome single father, Trace Gunthrey showing up to the same cabin where his is supposed to stay while he drops his troubled teenaged daughter off at camp.

 23.  Queen of His Heart
by Adrianne Byrd
When television producer Keenan Armstrong overhears Jalila Goodwyn talking with her girlfriends at dinner about their dating woes, he gets an idea for a reality show – with Jalila, a spa owner, as its star.  This was a sexy and hilarious book and when I was done I immediately went out and bought more by this author.

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