24. Breakaway

Hideaway series
by Rochelle Alers

Breakaway is the latest in the books about the Cole-Thomas family.  Celia Cole-Thomas is on extended leave from her job as a doctor in a Florida hospital.  She was hit during a shoot out in the emergency room and her fiance, a doctor as well, was killed as a result of the incident.  The trial for the assailant is coming up soon and in an effort to prepare for it her she travels to her home in the North Carolina mountains for some peace and quiet and to regroup.  Also in the area to look for his brother as part of an undercover operation is FBI agent Gavin Faulkner.  As part of his cover, he must blend in to the community and befriending Celia is the best way to do that.  Once Gavin finds out Celia’s story, his professional and personal need to protect her kick in.

I always enjoy the Hideaway series and the Cole-Thomas’. The initial meeting(s) of Celia and Gavin was cute and I especially enjoyed the side trip to Staunton, Virginia, my mother’s hometown.  While there wasn’t a lot of action and I felt that the storyline surrounding Gavin’s brother wrapped up a little too quickly, this was still a great read.

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