28. i know i am but what are you?

by Samantha Bee

If you are a fan of the Daily Show, then you know who Samantha Bee as one of the hilarious “correspondents” featured.  In this book of essays, Bee gives insight into her upbringing in Canada.  And from these stories, its easy to see how she came to be a comedian.

My favorite chapter is “man-witch”, which finds Bee deep into a crush on Jesus.  And not just a regular crush, she saw him as her boyfriend. 

“My Jesus was cool.  He looked like Kris Kristofferson circa A Star Is Born, only with penetrating blue eyes and a nonthreatening admiration for children that I, as a child, both understood and appreciated.  He wore a freshly pressed robe all the time, but you knew He had a great ass and could have pulled off a pair of jeans and worn-out cowboy boots, even if you weren’t sure why you would want that.”

What’s the one thing that could complicate a young girl’s dating relationship with Jesus? A mother who is Wiccan.  This leads to one of the funniest scenes in the book as Samantha’s mother takes her to a Wiccan wedding ceremony, where she is sure that she will be sacrificed to Satan as a virgin.

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