57. Taste of Honey

by Jabari Asim

A novel told in the form of connected short stories about an African-American community on the verge of change in the late ’60’s. The Jones’ family is the main focus: Reuben, the artistic father, Pristine, the mother who holds it all together, Schomburg, the oldest son who is flirting with the new radical Black nationalist movement, and Crispus, the youngest son who features prominently in most of the stories.

The writing is beautiful and captures accurately the voices, actions, and diversity of the Black community at that time. It not only talks about some of the racial and anti-war upheaval that happened then, but also touches on domestic violence and police brutality.

The ending was a tad bit predictable, but well-written, so I forgave it.

2 thoughts on “57. Taste of Honey

  1. Los Angelista,
    I think you'll like it. It takes place in an unnamed city in the Midwest and those of us who grew up in cities with neighborhoods populated by folks who made the Great Migration will really be able to relate.

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