Quick Romances

59. Control
by Kayla Perrin

A young waitress’ dream comes true when she meets and marries a wealthy, older, businessman whom she truly loves. Life with him exposes her to the finer things in life while also helping to make her goal of owning her own flower shop a reality.  But years of his controlling behavior soon become hard to take as well as the appearance of a handsome stranger who is hard to resist.

 60. Can’t Get Enough of You
by Bette Ford

Jenna Gaines returns to her hometown of Detroit after working on Wall Street, to teach at her alma mater.  She is thrilled to be home.  However, also home (and enrolled as a student) is her former college sweetheart and fiance who has retired from the NBA and is starting on the next phase of his life. How long can she avoid him when he knows so much about her? Especially as she begins the search for her long lost brother and sister.

61.  Only Hers (The Taggart Brothers)
by Francis Ray

When her job as a nurse in St. Louis becomes too stressful, Shannon Johnson hopes a vacation at a cabin in Texas she inherited from a patient will be just what she needs.  However the owner of the ranch next door (and nephew to the deceased patient) is convinced she has ulterior motives and is there to steal his land.

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