86. Scandal Between The Sheets

by Brenda Jackson

Now that I’ve discovered e-books, I have been going back and reading books by some of my favorite romance authors that are now out of print. No, I don’t have an e-reader (I sell them but I can’t afford one myself!), but I read on my iPod. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

This book starts off pretty funny as Jasmine Carmody, a reporter, is going through the garbage of Wesley Brooks, a dot.com millionaire.  She’s hoping to dig up some information on Abraham Danforth a candidate for senate and Wesley’s surrogate father.  When Wesley catches her, he assumes that she is a homeless person and offers her money for food!  Jasmine turns down the money and runs (literally) and leaves behind a family heirloom.  Wesley soon realizes who she is and what she’s up to and turns the tables on her and starts to stalk her instead as a way of keeping her away from his adopted family.  That backfires when the attraction between them can’t be denied.

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