A Silken Thread

by Brenda Jackson

Hattersville, Ohio is the setting for this brand new series by prolific romance author, Brenda Jackson. Like most small towns, Hattersville is a pretty insular place, where traditions hold court but are also prime to be broken. 

Erica Sanders is on the verge of breaking those traditions. As a descendant of one of the founders of the city, she is expected to act a certain way, work in a respectable profession and stay on her own side of the tracks when it comes to friendship and marriage. Her best friend since childhood, April, while a very successful model, is still from the wrong neighborhood in the eyes of Erica’s mother, Karen. If their enduring friendship wasn’t enough to outrage Karen Sanders, then Erica’s engagement to an outsider, Brian Lawson, really puts her over the edge.

In an effort to sabotage her daughter’s upcoming wedding and preserve certain family legacies and mythology, Karen sets off a chain of events that shake up the whole town and its residents. While the story centers on the relationship of Erica and Brian, this story includes subplots of mystery and intrigue involving several other family members and town residents. This was a very full and well thought out plot. I look forward to reading more tales from Hattersville.

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