Surrender the Dark

by L.A. Banks

This is the first book in a brand new series by L. A. Banks. I am woefully late to the wonderful urban, supernatural books by this author. But I’m all in now!

This new series will focus on fallen angels and there quest to help humans save themselves and Earth. Celeste Jackson has had a hard life made more complicated by the hallucinations and bad dreams that have plagued her. The drugs and alcohol that she uses as self-medication seem to stop the visions that others have diagnosed as schizophrenia. But forces greater than her know that while others think she is crazy, the things she sees are real and she is more powerful than she realizes. The angel Azrael is sent to help her unlock those powers and use them to defeat the darkness that threatens to overcome the planet permanently.

What I love soooooo much about these series by Banks, are that these events don’t take place in some far off land or some suburb that happens to be located on top of a “hellmouth” (no shade to Buffy fans), but in areas and neighborhoods that I would be familiar in, surrounded by people I know speaking the way I do. Urban settings like Philadelphia and Brooklyn feature prominently. Also, there are quite a few humorous scenes as well. Azrael coming to Earth and going to Whole Foods especially stands out.

I know that this is not considered literary fiction and may not win a bunch of awards, but I am certainly putting it on my list of favorites for 2011!

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