The I.O.U.

by Elle

Elle is the pseudonym being used by a bestselling author to write a new series of erotica featuring women in their forties and fifties.

In the first book in this series Lena Macy is in line to take over the reigns as head of Paskin Broadcasting Corporation, if she is able to beat out her chief competitor, T.J. Reynolds. While away on a business trip to the Super Bowl (she currently oversees the corporation’s sports network), she meets a man at the hotel bar and they make a bet on the game that later leads them to his hotel room. Turns out he is Jason Armstrong, owner of a sports management firm. The two begin a hot and private affair until a leaked sex tape threatens to derail their public lives and careers.

In her acknowledgements, the author, Elle, writes that as a reader she often is unable to find erotica that suits her needs since:

“I am not a hot-to-trot sorority girl or insatiable freak – just a grown woman with a wisdom about sex, an active imagination and a romantic, sexy side.”

So she wrote the book she wanted to read. And she did a great job of crafting a sizzling story that represents women often overlooked.

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