An Object of Beauty

by Steve Martin

I love reading fiction that I can also learn something from. An Object of Beauty really fits that bill as it is heavily steeped in the art world.  Lacie Yeager is a Southern belle determined to make her way in the competitive and exciting art scene in Manhattan. She lands a coveted spot at Sotheby’s and sets out to learn as much as she can, as quickly as she can, so she can live out her dreams.

The problem is we never know exactly what her dreams are and it seems that Lacey doesn’t either. Opportunities seem to fall at her feet and she just acts upon them. That might have been Martin’s intent, but Lacey is written as such a one-dimensional character that I hardly took the time to care. I had no connection to her or any other character in this book. Of course when a comedian writes a book it turns out to be funny but quippy one-liners about the art world weren’t enough to keep me engaged.  

On the positive side, I did learn some interesting facts about art.

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