by Jewell Parker Rhodes

I was so sad to hear that this is the last of the Marie Laveau mysteries as I have thoroughly enjoyed her evolution. In the first book of the series, Voodoo Season, Dr. Marie Laveau returns to New Orleans, the land of her ancestors and learns all of their secrets. And yes, one of the secrets is that she is a descendant of the great Voodoo queen of the same name.

In this installment of the series, Marie is raising her daughter and practicing medicine in New Orleans when a nightmare compells her to take a drive. She stumbles upon a murder scene in a small town and is soon drawn into the drama of the community as they recognize her as a voodoo queen and demand her healing powers. During her investigation she uncovers an environmental disaster and all the while a hurricane known as Katrina looms in the distance.

Especially interesting was learning about the devastation done to the Gulf way before Hurricane Katrina hit and exploring the supernatural reasons and ramifications. 

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