Illustrated Guide to Sewing: Garment Construction

A Complete Course on Making Clothing for Fit and Fashion

I own a lot of books about sewing and fashion, but rarely do I just sit down and read them. Mostly I use them when I need to know something specific. For this one, however, I actually sat down and looked through it from cover to cover and noted some of the things that differentiate this from other books.

This book is for a beginner and they do a very thorough job of taking you through the construction of a garment. Some of the things that stood out to me:

  • Explanations of the different type of machine stitches. That’s usually only in the manuals that come with the machine
  • The illustrations of hand sewing were very detailed and helpful
  • Assurances that space shouldn’t be an issue when setting up your sewing area
  • Guide to the use of color and pattern to enhance different body types. That’s usually in books about fashion, not sewing
  • Detail about how to straighten fabric and concise and clear instructions on preparing fabric to sew
  • Rudimentary instructions for altering patterns made the process seem not so intimidating
  • Directions on pinning patterns to fabric and matching plaids and checks. Good for those of us who are slaves to the pattern instructions
  • Shows how to assemble five basic garments based on logic not pattern instructions
  • Includes men’s clothing
  • After showing basics, goes into more details with seams, zippers, pockets, etc.

Good for a beginner and also a great addition to any sewing library. 

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