Midnight and the Meaning of Love

by Sister Souljah

I struggled with this book. Not in the way that it is written, that’s fine. But in my reactions to the title character. In Midnight, I instantly fell in love with him. His strength, intelligence and strong loyalty to family were refreshing. There are not many Black male characters, especially one so young, represented in literature today that have such a sense of right and wrong. If you’ve read my post about that book, you know what problems I had with it.

Those problems seemed to have followed me to this sequel. Midnight has finally started to build a life with his new bride, Akemi, when her disappearance pulls everything out from under him. Now he has to deal with his need to protect all of the women in his life, his mother and sister, in the States with him and his wife, who is now thousands of miles away in Japan. After making sure that his mother and sister are safe, he heads off to Japan to rescue his wife.

This is a well written, engaging book that fans of the series will definitely enjoy. However, I am still annoyed by the portrayal of African-American women and the ease with which Midnight, a teenager, is able to maneuver, MacGyver-like through foreign countries. A lot of the scenarios were just not plausible to me.

One thought on “Midnight and the Meaning of Love

  1. I haven't read the book yet, but I know it won't fail my expectations. Sister Souljah writes from the heart and gives us perspectives that we don't always recognize. I have read all of her books thus far and each one has left an impression on me.

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