No One In The World

by E. Lynn Harris & RM Johnson

Cobi Winslow is a district attorney and one of the heirs to the successful Winslow Products hair care empire. His decision not to go into the family business coupled with his sexuality has always been a sore spot in the relationship with his father. Right before his parents are killed in a car crash, Cobi, who is adopted, learns that he has a twin brother he never knew about. He now is compelled to search for him. To make matters worse, his father’s will states that Cobi will receive shares in the the family company only if he marries a woman and stays married for two years. His sister, Sissy, who is now CEO of Winslow, desperately needs those shares to help stave off a takeover of their family legacy. Added to this mix is Cobi’s love affair with a closeted state senator, and this book is full of drama! Is your head spinning yet?

There is enough drama here for at least 2 or 3 books and sometimes it felt a little overwhelming. I’ve never read any books by RM Johnson, but fans of E. Lynn Harris will recognize the character development that he was known for. Cobi suffers greatly from being a disappointment to his father and a secret in his lover’s life, but he also is comfortable with himself and who he is.



4 thoughts on “No One In The World

  1. I have heard good things about E. Lynn Harris but I have never actually read one of his books. I think a friend scared me off his books back in high school. One day, I will get up the nerve.

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