The Man Whisperer

by Allegra Adams

Lately, Zane, through her publishing company Strebor Books, has been putting out a brand of novels that are still as steamy as her readers are used to, but with better character and plot development (a pet peeve of mine). 

Allegra Adams is The Man Whisperer. The author and the protagonist share the same name, but this is billed as a novel so I’m not sure if we will find out later if it is based on truth. Anyway, Allegra was given that name by her friend Luisa because she is always the one in control in her relationships. And by relationships, I mean sexual liaisons, as she isn’t a commitment kinda girl. An anthropologist and college professor, her area of expertise is sexual DNA – meaning everything we need to know about someone’s sexual proclivities is written in their genetic code. Intriguing, huh? Traveling to conferences where she lectures on her findings, gives Allegra the opportunity to satisfy her needs and leave lots of lovers in her wake.

The beginning of the book was a little confusing as it went back and forth between events that took place in Brazil and New York City, where Allegra calls home. When all that settles down it gets especially interesting when Allegra counsels Luisa on being more assertive about her needs in her own relationship and career. That leads to an involvement with a Neo Black Power organization that threatens to ruin both of their lives. 

Favorite quote:

Allegra had always vowed to live by two rules: One–never go shopping without a grocery list and two–never travel horny. To do either can leave a woman vulnerable to food she doesn’t need and d**k she really doesn’t want.

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