Denzel’s Lips

by Anita Diggs

Hercsville, Long Island (founded by the legendary creator of hip-hop DJ Kool Herc) is a small town with a lot of drama right now:

Asha Mitchell Seabrook. has married the man of her dreams, Nick, whose family owns a chain of successful restaurants. They have money, but not enough for the bored housewife.

Dr. Penelope Brewster is psychologist to the town’s troubled youth as she struggles to keep her own teenage daughter under control.

Shareeka Ellison is married to former rapper Dayshawn “Bustacap” Ellison. Dayshawn has made the transition to a very lucrative movie career, but Shareeka longs for the simple life of South Central LA.

Soap opera actress, Nancy St. Bart is finally in a happy place, thanks to the protection of her idol (obsession), Denzel Washington, but danger threatens to make her finally confront her demons.

Although the ending left me a little disappointed, this was a quick “Desperate¬†Housewives”-type read.

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