Sweet Destiny

by Rochelle Alers

This is the sixth book in the Eaton family series and the second in a special wedding series published this summer. Usually these stories revolve around the Philadelphia branch of the Eaton clan, a family of educators. Sweet Destiny, however, is set in a small town in West Virginia, giving the reader and the heroine a glimpse of a simpler life.

Mia Chandler, an Eaton cousin, grew up privileged in Dallas, Texas and has just received her medical degree, just like her father. But, unlike him, and much to his dismay, she decides to specialize in family medicine and not the more lucrative obstetrics and gynecology as he did. And to make matters worse, she wants to practice in a rural setting after hearing about how difficult it is for residents of those areas to have access to good healthcare. She chooses to do her residency in Jonesburg, West Virginia where the local family practitioner is looking to step down. Mia’s transition from life in the big city is made easier because her cousin has married into a family from the area and they make sure to look out for her. One of those family members, Kenyon Chandler, is the Sheriff in the town and is instantly convinced that Mia is a snobby city girl who won’t be able to adapt to this slower way of life. 

I love the books in this series (which is getting so extensive that there is a family tree provided in the book), and this one especially because of the focus on healthcare. Residents of areas like are usually the unhealthiest in the nation and not enough doctors choose to work there because it is hard work with lower payoffs than in bigger cities. I like to mix my romance with social commentary!

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