Getting Lucky

by Kayla Perrin

Getting Lucky is three love stories in one. I’m not sure that luck had anything to do with it, because they seemed to put a lot of work into it.

Annelise is happily in love and pregnant with her boyfriend Dom, who rescued her when she was reeling from the betrayal of her husband. All she wants is for her best friends Claudia and Lishelle to have the same love and happiness that she has. And she will manipulate the Universe in any way she can to make that happen. She has her work cut out for her. Both Lishelle and Claudia have ended relationships recently and are dealing with the fallout from them each in her own way. Lishelle gets over her break-up with a famous hip-hop star by jumping into bed with anyone who will make her forget. Claudia’s ex-fiancĂ© forced her to do humiliating things and she reacts with a vow of celibacy. Even Annelise’s idyllic relationship is not without its own hiccups.

There were issues of character development and maybe it’s me, but I kept wanting to tell Lishelle to get over herself and go get her man! LOL! Also, the major matchmaking scheme seemed a little far-fetched to me and came together too quickly than it would in real life.

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