My Soul To Take

by Tananarive Due

Fana Wolde has come to a crossroads. As an immortal who possesses healing blood and telepathic powers, she must decide whether she wants to continue helping the world or fulfilling a promise to her prophesied soulmate and fiance, Michel. Healing is not a priority for Michel, who would rather use his gifts to rid the world of those he doesn’t feel worthy. Complicating matters further is mortal Johnny Wright, Fana’s friend and comrade in healing, who is hopelessly in love with her and vehemently opposed to her union with Michel.

If you know me then it goes without saying that I loved this book, as I am a huge fan of Tananarive Due and everything she writes. This is the latest entry in the Living Blood series that tells of the immortal Life Brothers whose story begins in the book My Soul to Keep. Every book in this series is a page turner, but My Soul to Take is also enjoyable as a stand-alone if you haven’t read the others. Enriching the story more is the appearance of Phoenix, a character from another one of Due’s awesome books, Joplin’s Ghost. 

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