One Day It’ll All Make Sense

by Common (with Adam Bradley)

Even though he is not quite 40, Common has written a thoughtful account of his life so far. He covers his growing up in Chicago, the decision to leave college to pursue his rap career, diversifying into acting, and his much publicized love life. 

What really makes this book shine is his mother’s input (she really should have been listed as co-author) and the letters that Common writes to loved ones at the beginning of each chapter. I loved that throughout the book as he shares his life journey and the decisions he made, his mother writes about her reaction to those different points in his life. Also, the letters he writes frame the subject matter of each chapter to give you more insight into what is about to be told. The book begins and ends with letters to the reader and includes others to his mother, father, Kanye West, Erykah Badu, his deceased cousin Ajile and others. I thought that was a great choice.

I would normally recommend a book like this to young men in high school and college because Common is really candid about his growth as a person, flaws and all. The only thing holding me back is that he is also quite open about his sexual history, so discretion must be used.

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