The Gift

by Elle

This is the second book in the 3-part series that the author refers to as “mature erotica”. And I have to say that as a woman of a certain age, I am really enjoying them. 

Aleesa (who was also in the first book, The I.O.U) is missing her husband, Walter, a dentist on reserve duty in Afghanistan. To deal with the frustration of him being away, she has created a journal of her sexual fantasies and wants to gift it to him when he returns. She also breaks out of her comfort zone by doing a sexy photo shoot to enhance the journal.

But the Walter that returns homes is not the same man that left her months ago. This man is impotent and emotionally unavailable and pushes her away when she tries to comfort him. He discovers Aleesa’s journal, and feeling guilty about not being able to give her what she wants, offers her a gift: 48 hours to live out a fantasy she has written about, with someone other than him.

Elle does a great job of broaching the subject of women’s sexuality as they get older, while also teaching us about the trauma of war and what our veteran’s bring home home with them. It was a complex journey that Aleesa and Walter embarked on, but it was never boring and still really hot!

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