You Can Create An Exceptional Life

by Louise Hay & Cheryl Richardson

Hi, my name is Toni, and I’m a self-help book addict. Well, I used to be. I read every book in that section of the bookstore at one point. A few years ago, I stopped because it was getting a little repetitive and I felt that I had the core principles down by this time. But I still peek in every now and then and couldn’t resist this one.

Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson are two bestselling authors in the genre. Hay wrote the classic and hugely popular You Can Heal Your Life, a book of affirmations tailored to every aspect of your well-being, that I refer to constantly and she started a successful publishing company. Richardson’s books, including Life Makeovers, provide step-by-step blueprints on creating the life that you desire.

You Can Create an Exceptional Life is written as a conversation between the two women, with Richardson mainly interviewing Hay about her beginnings as an author and healer. Interesting concept, but I felt that this technique would have worked better at a seminar or in a documentary. Having read several books by both authors, I already knew a lot of the personal things that they discussed and found it distracting. I didn’t really perk up until Chapter 3: How You Start Your Day Is How You Live Your Day and Chapter 4: How You Live Your Day Is How You Live Your Life. Both of those chapters included really useful affirmations specific to situations that you come across in everyday life: choosing something from your closet, mealtime, etc. The book really picked up for me in those parts.

I found the section at the back of the book that collected the affirmations featured in earlier chapters useful and will refer to it often. In fact, I wish they were published as a separate book.

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