Escape to Paradise

by Pamela Yaye

Claudia Jeffries almost has no other option than to Escape to Paradise. The day her divorce is finalized, her ex-husband is arrested on suspicion of corporate fraud and the authorities suspect that Claudia, not only knew about it, but was a part of it. The media attention is unbearable and, unable to deal with the reporters camped out on her lawn, Claudia escapes through a window of her Richmond, VA home and flees to her sister’s luxury timeshare in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Santiago Medina first spots Claudia in the airport lounge in DC as man after man approaches her and is shot down. Although he gets a little farther than the others (a little food and conversation), eventually she rejects him as well. When he arrives at the resort that his family owns in Mexico, he can’t believe his luck upon seeing her standing in the lobby.

Secrets permeate this novel through and through. Claudia works hard not to reveal her financial situation and the mess she’s left behind in the States (that’s slowly catching up to her). Meanwhile, Santiago is less than truthful about his family’s wealth, but not about his attraction to her. I always enjoy books that take me to explore other countries and cultures and this one didn’t disappoint.

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