Private Arrangements

by Brenda Jackson

Private Arrangements is the latest in the Steeles series. They are a very close-knit, large family and this one takes place in the Phoenix branch, also known as the “Bad News Steeles”. The six men in this part of the family are referred to that way because they are diehard bachelors, as inherited from their father (who eventually gave that up). But one by one these players are falling…

Jonas Steele has been steadily building his marketing business, Ideas of Steele, and has done well for himself, but he now has the chance to work on a campaign that will catapult his company into the big leagues. In order to ensure success, Jonas decides to hire the best photographer that he knows, Nikki Cartwright. The only problem is that the last time they worked together, a year and a half ago, they shared a celebratory kiss that left both of them confused. Jonas couldn’t stop thinking about it, which is out of character for the notorious womanizer. Nikki can’t believe that a man used to dating women who could double as supermodels would even be remotely interested in her.

I love stories that feature either friends or work colleagues that become lovers. The work/love twist in Private Arrangements is very interesting to watch unfold, especially with both parties fighting their attraction tooth and nail. A great surprise was the inclusion of Quinton Hinton, a character featured in Adrianne Byrd’s House of Kings series. It is rare for authors to support each other that way and it was good to see. 

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