Sinful Seduction

by Ann Christopher

In Sinful Seduction, Skylar Lawrence is in a precarious situation. Right before he shipped out to Afghanistan, she broke up with her fiancé, Antonios (Tony) Davies. Soon after he was killed by an IED that hit the convoy containing he and is twin brother Alessandro. Tony never took Skylar out of his will and now she is part owner of his family home in the Hamptons, along with Sandro. After weeks of not having her phone calls returned, Skylar arrives at the home with every intention of signing over her share and closing that chapter of her life. When she arrives on the twins’ birthday, she finds Sandro missing his brother and suffering from a severe case of survivor’s guilt. Seeing him again for the first time in almost two years reminds him of their first meeting and the undeniable chemistry they shared. That chemistry is what convinced Skylar that Tony wasn’t the right man for her and led her to call off their engagement.

This novel sets itself apart from others by broaching the very timely subject of our veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the post traumatic syndrome that many suffer. It blends these serious issues seamlessly with the the story of two people trying to fight their attraction for each other because of the loss of someone they both loved. The sequel, Sinful Tempation, will be published in February.

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