These Arms of Mine

by Judy Lynn Hubbard

These Arms of Mine is the first Kimani romance by Judy Lynn Hubbard and she’s done a great job in her debut. Alesha Robinson’s brother is in danger of going to jail for embezzling campaign funds from his employer, Derrick Ashton, and she has decided to beg for leniency and ask that charges not be filed against him. It sounds simple, but Derrick is also the person who’s heart she broke two years ago when she ended their relationship and he has never forgiven her. Seeing an opportunity to get revenge and to advance his political career, Derrick forces Alesha to marry him to pay off her brother’s debt and to present himself to voters as a family man.

Of course there is more backstory behind Alesha dumping Derrick the first time and her brother’s reasons for stealing the money in the first place. Watching them make this arrangement work while surrounded by secrets soon to be revealed was well worth the read.

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