Falling for Me

How I Hung Curtains, Learned to Cook, Traveled to Seville, and Fell in Love

by Anna David

I’ve never been a fan of Cosmopolitan magazine. Even when I was a teenager and young adult I thought it placed too much emphasis on sex and getting and keeping a man. Its most famous editor, Helen Gurley Brown, on the other hand is fascinating. She believed early on (before feminism and the free love movement) that women need to own their power and that includes their sexuality and their financial lives with or without a man. She used this philosophy to turn around the failing Cosmo magazine and wrote a bestselling book Sex and the Single Girl, in 1962, before the women’s rights movement gained popularity.

Anna David, like a lot of women, reached an age where she realized that the life she created for herself didn’t resemble the one she thought she would have. Fresh out of a relationship that was all wrong for her, she stumbled across Helen Gurley Brown’s book and wondered if she could apply advice given in the early sixties to her life in the new millennium. From decorating her apartment, to honing her cooking skills, to broadening her dating horizons, David shows that becoming your own woman and not waiting on a man to provide for you is timeless advice. 

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