The Kitchen Diva’s Diabetic Cookbook

150 Healthy, Delicious Recipes for Diabetics and Those Who Dine With Them

by Angela Shelf Medearis

I’ve been a fan of Angela Shelf Medearis since she came to a booksigning at the store that I managed at the time, with actual food made from recipes from her book The African-American Kitchen. Her Texas Caviar (a cold black-eyed-pea salad) was sooooo good. You could tell that her commitment to great food was so strong that she brought that food with her on the plane from her home in Texas. 

Motivated by several members of her family diagnosed with diabetes, Medearis has created and re-created recipes that are healthy and sensitive to insulin imbalance. She shows you how to set up and stock a healthy kitchen including using sugar alternatives. Her cooking has always included the use of lots of fruits and vegetables and this book is no different. Also, the recipes are easy on the chef and the wallet. Nutritional information is included with every entry and there are beautiful color pictures throughout. 

My favorites are the Seafood Burgers and the Veggie Lasagne. Part of the focus of the book is to make cooking at home easier and more fun, since it’s harder to have control when dining out. While I didn’t like that a lot of the recipes relied heavily on using the microwave, I still recommend it.

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