Temptation Rising

The Shadow Shifters 
by A.C. Arthur

Having been spoiled by Octavia Butler and Tananarive Due, I get a little skeptical when choosing to read new supernatural or science fiction books. Especially when they are also part of the romance genre. The recently passed authors L.A. Banks and Monica Jackson were masters at this subject. Because I’ve read most of A.C. Arthur’s romances, I was interested to see what she had in store with Temptation Rising and I was not disappointed.

Kalina Harper is a police officer in Washington, DC who is dedicated to her job and mostly keeps to herself. She is plagued by dreams of the attack on her two years ago by a low level drug dealer. Someone (or something) came to her aid and pulled the man off of her. Kalina didn’t get a good look at the man who saved her, but she can’t shake the feeling of the presence of a beast as well. And were they one and the same.

Now Kalina has been assigned an undercover position as an accountant at the law firm of Reynolds & Delgado to determine if they are linked to a South American drug organization. Her new boss, Roman Reynolds, is a great lawyer, but he is also a shapeshifting jaguar who will finally answer the questions of what happened to her that night.

This first entry into the Shadow Shifters series was quite interesting and enjoyable. In addition to witnessing the growing attraction between Kalina and Roman (very steamy), we are also shown the history of the Shifters and the infighting that is threatening their existence. It’s standard in stories like this to show the power struggles that happen when humans are given special powers. There is always a faction that wants to use it to help the world and another that wants to rule it. I look forward to seeing how this plays out in the forthcoming books in the series.

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