Heart to Heart

by Kayla Perrin

The Harts In Love series culminates with Deanna’s story. Even though the Hart sisters have returned home for the funeral of the aunt that raised them, they each also needed a break from the stresses they are going through. Callie is recuperating from a car accident that resulted from her being run off the road (Always In My Heart). Natalie has left her star basketball player husband who cheated on her (Surrender My Heart). Deanna has made some bad choices in men that have negatively affected her music career and she needs the time to regroup. She agrees to speak to her nephew’s class about her music and finds that the principal is her old friend Eric, the brother of the ex-boyfriend that started the years long feud between she and her sister Natalie. 

This is a good twist on the “can friends become lovers” tale as Eric makes it known that, all those times he comforted her while she cried about his brother, he longed to make her his own. Also, since this is the last book in the series, we finally get to find out the circumstances behind the sisters coming to live with their aunt and what happened to their mother after she abandoned them. 

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