Summer Vows

by Rochelle Alers

Summer Vows kicks off a new series featuring the Cole family, best known from the Hideaway series. If you’re familiar with the Coles, you know that there are so many of them that there tends to be a wedding during the Christmas/New Year’s Eve holiday season. After a few years of no weddings, the time seems ripe for one. Patriarch Martin Cole makes a bet of a million dollars with his brothers, David and Joshua, and his nephew, Timothy, on who will be the next to wed. Each has their own prediction and whoever wins will have the money used to set up an endowment at his alma mater. The subjects of this bet are twins Jason and Ana, David’s children, and Nicholas, the son of Timothy.

Jason and Ana have taken over the running of their father’s record label, Serenity Records, with Ana dealing mainly with the business side of things. She has just signed a deal with hot singer Justin Glover after a bidding war with Slow Wyne Records’ CEO Basil Irvine. But Basil is a sore loser and it soon becomes apparent that Ana may be in danger. Well, the Coles are very protective of their own and they make plans to place her in protective custody until things blow over. Her cousin Diego’s friend Jacob Jones, a U.S. Marshal has agreed to watch over her, even though spending his vacation in the Florida Keys babysitting who he sees as a pampered rich girl was definitely not in his plans.

Rochelle Alers is a master of combining intrigue, danger and romance, especially when writing about the Coles. Summer Vows was a great addition to this series.

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