Forever A Stallion

by Deborah Fletcher Mello

I believe this is the sixth book in the series featuring the Stallion family and it reveals a loose end from an earlier book that reveals that the four brothers have a sister. Photographer Phaedra Parrish (say that 3 times fast) has just buried her mother and is coming  to grips with her loss. While going through her mother’s things, she finds a collection of diaries and journals that she didn’t know existed, that includes an old photo of a man, John Stallion, that she doesn’t recognize. After finding further items that peak her interest, she goes on a fact-finding mission to find out who this man is and what did he mean to her mother. 

Before her next photo assignment, Phaedra takes time out to scope out her long lost brothers and doesn’t count on meeting hotel entrepreneur, Mason Boudreaux as well. When meeting her new family doesn’t go as planned, Mason is there to support her and she soon is put in the position to reciprocate. 

The Stallion Family books are always enjoyable reads and this book’s international storyline didn’t feel forced or rushed. It was also a perfect introduction to The Boudreaux family soon to be featured in their own series.

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