Wear This Now

Your Style Solution For Every Season And Any Occasion

by Michelle Madhok

Because of my love for sewing, I read a lot of fashion books. After a while the advice they give starts to run together. They all have a checklist for the items that every closet should include, a guide on how to go shopping, and what to wear for all occasions. This book is pretty on par with the others in that respect.

What did set it apart slightly from the others is that it is also organized by season. This is very helpful, especially for those who live in climates that experience all four seasons, because most people change the contents of their closet as the temperature changes. Also, there is quite a bit of humor throughout like my favorite section title: How to Dress to Get Bumped into First Class.

One downside: they hate polka dots. Problematic when your book is released when polka dots are really popular in the fashion world.

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