South by Southeast

A Tennyson Hardwick Novel

by Blair Underwood, Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes

One of my favorite things about this series is when it travels to different locales. Seeing Tennyson navigate and operate in unfamiliar surroundings, usually having no one to rely on but himself, makes each story richer and his character that much more complex. 

Tennyson Hardwick is an actor and a reluctant private investigator who winds up solving cases mainly to protect the ones he loves. In this installment, Ten in on location in Miami with a part in a movie being directed by Hollywood’s hottest director. He has brought his family along, his father Richard, Richard’s girlfriend/nurse Marcela, and Ten’s adpopted teenage daughter Chela, so they can have a much needed vacation while he works. 

Visiting Ten on set one day, Chela runs into an old friend, Maria, who convinces her to come out with her to a club that night. When Maria’s body later turns up washed up on shore, Chela convinces Ten to look into what happened to her. The resulting investigation leads us into surprising places with even more shocking results. 

This is one of the few series that actually get better with each book.

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