Poetry Man

by Melanie Schuster

Alexis Sharp has made a conscious decision to put all of her focus into raising her teenage daughter, running the business of her two beauty spas, and being a fitness volunteer. That is enough to keep a schedule full with no time leftover for a dating or social life. Also, finding your fiance in bed with another woman doesn’t help. She is encouraged by one of her girlfriends to create the kind of “grocery list” for a man that is so prevalent in romance novels and chick flicks.

The unfortunate event of a flat tire on the side of a rainy road leads to her meeting Jared VanBuren, an entrepreneur himself, in town to open a new restaurant. He shows his interest immediately, but because he is of a different race, Alexis is a little reluctant to pursue their attraction.

Warning: Any book title Poetry Man is going to contain some corny, predictable, poetic language that is difficult to ignore.

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