Taste For Temptation

by Phyllis Bourne

This was so much fun to read. As a sugar addict myself, I could totally relate to Brandi Collins. It’s no fun being tempted with sweets when you are working hard to avoid them. When she is left at the altar, Brandi decides to exact revenge by losing weight and getting in shape. She thinks she’s losing her mind when she starts smelling chocolate in her condo and after the scent wakes her up one night, Brandi finally traces it to the unit of the new tenant.

Adam Ellison has given up a successful life in the family corporation to follow his dream to be a pastry chef. He has set up shop away from all distractions in this condo to practice for an important upcoming competition, when the voluptuous Brandi shows up at his door. 

Taste For Temptation is what happens when two goal-oriented people who have no immediate plans for romance find each other….and chocolate.

2 thoughts on “Taste For Temptation

  1. I tend to read almost all of the ones published by Kimani, because I trust the brand. I will sometimes read the self-published ones by authors I'm already familiar with. Also, there are a couple people on Goodreads whose opinion I respect and that has led me to some good ones. I have read other books by this author, and find her work enjoyable. I think this one may be my favorite by her.

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