What Had Happened Was…

I got extreme vertigo & couldn’t work for awhile.

I lost my job.
I was supported (literally) by great friends (near & far), acquaintances, & sometimes strangers.
I got behind in bills, but was able to keep a roof over my head & utilities on. (See above.)
I got another job that I like better.
Couldn’t keep the Internet on, however, hence my absence from blogging.
But, through all of this I still kept reading, so I have lots to share!
For those who still come by this little blog, thank you for reading and your patience.

2 thoughts on “What Had Happened Was…

  1. So sorry to read about your misfortune; however, it is great to friends & family members that care about you. Glad to see you are back again.
    Best wishes,
    Joyce in NC

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