by Brenda Jackson

More Westmorelands! 
Zane is the first in a trilogy of books about men in the Colorado branch of the clan. One thing that pretty clear about these strong willed men is that they are usually stubborn as well and it’s up to a woman to put them in their place. Zane Westmoreland, like a lot of his male relatives, had decided that marriage wasn’t in the cards for him. He was happy playing the field and even settling down into a nine month relationship with Channing Hastings. When it became clear that Channing wanted more, but Zane didn’t, she decided to cut her losses and move to Atlanta to accept a new job. Zane, not wanting to be pressured, let her go.

When Channing returns to Denver two years later, on a temporary work assignment, Zane is forced to deal with his lingering anger over their breakup. Even though Zane hasn’t changed his mind about marriage  the fact that she is now engaged to another man doesn’t sit well with him. Channing’s reluctance to settle for just his definition of their relationship despite what she wants was refreshing to read. 

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