A Deeper Love Inside

The Porsche Santiaga Story
by Sister Souljah

I’m usually at a disadvantage when reading novels by Sister Souljah because I read The Coldest Winter Ever when it was first released so most of these characters are no longer in the forefront of my mind. Even though these books stand very well on their own, I still plan to go back and read it in order to clarify some things.

A Deeper Love Inside tells the story of Porsche Santiago the younger sister of Winter and the middle daughter of Ricky and what happens to her in the aftermath of the crumbling of her father’s empire by law enforcement. Although the book can be found in the Fiction (or African-American Fiction in some stores) section, what really happens on these pages is pure magical fantasy. I should have learned my lesson from Midnight and its sequel Midnight and The Meaning of Love and not picked this one up. Porsche is supposed to be between the ages of 10 to 14 in this book, and just like Midnight, was overwhelmingly resourceful for someone with limited education. The journey that she takes from juvenile hall to look for her fractured family finds her in situations that no 11 year old in modern times would find themselves in. I almost want to tell people to read it just so see how ludicrous it is that a preteen can go from juvie, to a Native American reservation, to living off the grid in New York taking care of her junkie mother, to traveling the world as a dancer, and becoming wealthy…all before the age of 14. 

Other holdovers from the Midnight books are that, once again, Muslim women are to be revered and cared for, while Black women are still “gold-digging, violent, whores” (quoting myself). One thing is clear, though, other than re-reading The Coldest Winter Ever, I won’t be picking up any more fiction by Sister Souljah.

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