Bachelor Unclaimed

by Brenda Jackson

The Bachelor in Demand Club is made up of the sons of six Morehouse men who made a pact to stay in touch by being godfather’s to each other’s children. The god-brothers formed their own pact to remain single for as long as they possibly could. Judging by the previous three books, the number of members in the club is dwindling. 

This book is hot right out of the gate with a one night stand between Winston Coltrane and Ainsley St. James, who meet in a nightclub in Hilton Head. The chemistry is instant, but when it is over neither expects to see each other again. Ainsley hopes to rebuild her life as a journalist after an unsuccessful mayoral bid in her hometown in New Jersey. Winston needs to focus on his marine biology research and work on keeping it under wraps until he is ready to reveal it.  

Ainsley receives a great opportunity to work on a story there in Hilton Head that involves getting a story on a reclusive pharmaceutical researcher named Dr. R.J. Chambers and she has three weeks to get it. In those three weeks she crosses Winston’s path in more ways than one. A great story that shows the struggle surrounding prioritizing your personal and your professional lives. Brenda Jackson never lets me down.

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