Draysons: Sprinkled With Love

I can’t resist a good series, especially when it involves desserts. All that sugar! The Draysons run a successful patisserie (French style bakery), Lillian’s, started by their grandmother. The books follow the talented bakers as they prepare for a baking contest that could proclaim them the best in Chicago as well as put them on the national stage. After a meeting with Lillian they also learn that it will also help determine who will take over running the business.

Decadent Dreams by A.C. Arthur

Belinda Drayson-Jones is determined not to let down the legacy of her grandmother. She’s a perfectionist through and through, from her baking to her personal appearance to her business dealings. Malik Anthony’s NBA career ended too early, but he regrouped by finding a new career as a pastry chef. After years of working with Belinda and denying his attraction to her, Mark decides to throw caution to the wind and show her how he feels.

 Delectable Desire by Farrah Rochon

Carter Drayson is a consummate ladies’ man, but he is also a damn good baker and he knows it. As a Drayson cousin, he works hard to prove himself to the rest of the family and doesn’t always feel appreciated. Exploring his options professionally and romantically, Carter definitely has to interest in settling down with one woman, until Lorraine Hawthorne-Hayes walks in to the bakery one day.

Delicious Destiny by Yahrah St. John

The baking competition is finally here and Shari Drayson is totally focused on the team doing their best, especially against her rival Dina English of Brown Sugar Bakery. Once college roommates, Dina stole Shari’s first love and later recipes from Lillian’s after working there for a time. Beating her in this competition is Shari’s main concern along with caring for her young son. Grant Robinson is in Chicago for business and tracks Shari down and sees the son he didn’t know he had.

It’s very tricky to produce a series written by different authors and this one is done quite well. Each book stayed true to the overall Drayson story and the character personalities. They can stand on their on, but the culmination of the competition in the last book makes it worth reading all three.

Disclaimer: I received one of these titles from Harlequin and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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