Destiny’s Embrace

by Beverly Jenkins

I’m not normally a fan of historical romances because it’s difficult to put myself in the heroine’s place. Not likely that someone that looks like me would find herself in the arms of some rogue pirate. Beverly Jenkins has kind of changed my mind.

Desperate to escape working for her tyrannical mother in a dress shop in Philadelphia, Mariah Cooper answers an ad to be a housekeeper on a ranch in California. She has endured a difficult childhood and her dream is to open her own shop far, far away from her mother. Logan Yates has no idea that his stepmother Alanza has even placed the ad for a housekeeper for him and isn’t too happy when Mariah arrives. He does and says whatever he can to make her change her mind and leave, but knowing what she has to go back to makes Mariah dig in her heels and do the job she was hired to do.

This was a perfect re-introduction for me to Jenkins’ work. She makes sure that you are aware of exactly what life is like in the 1880’s for people of African descent. Her inclusion of so much history adds volumes to what could be a typical romance. Destiny’s Embrace, taking place predominately in California, also has a lot of detail about the relations between Blacks, Mexicans, and Spanish Californians. I’m now obsessively going back and reading all of her books and I’m thoroughly enjoying them.

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