Designed by Desire

by Pamela Yaye

This is the second book in the Fashioned by Love series and picks up where that one (Styles of Seduction by Jacquelin Thomas) left off in the aftermath of New York Fashion Week. The Roger Hamilton Designs runway show was a success, but the other drama surrounding the day makes Brianna Hamilton want to get away for a bit, so she heads to Paris to oversee the family’s show there at Paris Fashion Week. With business over, meeting Collin Childs gives Brianna the perfect opportunity to de-stress and let loose – at least while she’s in Paris – with no strings attached.

Back in New York, a fateful meeting brings the two together again, but with the possibility of someone trying to sabotage her family’s business, Brianna is reluctant to add a budding romance to the mix. But Collin is determined not to give up.

This installment in the series was a whole lot better than Styles of Seduction, which I really struggled to get through. Yaye did a good job of better humanizing the characters than the previous book and I’m actually looking forward to hear how the mystery aspect is resolved in the next one, Runway Attraction by Farrah Rochon (my favorite author of the three).

Disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary e-book by Harlequin and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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