Destiny’s Surrender

by Beverly Jenkins

I have been binge-reading almost all of Beverly Jenkins’ books and I have to say that this one is one of my favorites. Jenkins books are always entertaining to me with their masterful blend of romance and history. I’m inspired and educated all at the same time. In Destiny’s Surrender the continuing saga of the Yates clan, begun in Destiny’s Embrace, tells of son Andrew and his decision to finally start a family.

Up until this point, Andrew has been content to see many different women, including a prostitute named Billie who he”s quite fond of but must give up if he wants to find a respectable wife. A couple months after their last encounter Billie finds herself pregnant with Andrew’s child and knows that she can’t continue in her line of work. When someone threatens the welfare of her child, she sees no other choice than to leave him at the Yates’ ranch in their care and disappear. This throws Andrew’s world, including his new engagement upside down.

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