The Heart of the Plate

Vegetarian Recipes For A New Generation

by Mollie Katzen

I’m not a vegetarian by any means, but I have flirted with it many times over the years and am constantly looking for ways to add more veggie variety into my diet. Katzen is most known for the Moosewood Cookbooks which were a hearty staple of the average vegetarian kitchen for years. The subtitle suggests that this book if for a “new generation” and that is reflected in the contents. The hippie, granola feel of the Moosewood books is mostly gone and replaced by color photos and illustrations. The recipes themselves are lighter and probably healthier as they don’t include nearly as much dairy as in the past, making this more vegan-friendly.

The extensive menu recommendations (vegetarian and vegan) are perfect for people who have limited time for planning such things and the ingredients used are surprisingly accessible given the penchant for vegetarian cookbooks to require obscure produce and spices. The Heart of the Plate is indeed a classic cookbook for modern times.


I received a complimentary copy of the e-book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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