2015 Physical Book Challenge

Really?!? I haven’t blogged since September? That’s a crime and I must do better.


I must have been busy reading because, according to my Goodreads stats, I read 138 books last year. My goal was 150 but I’m good with my number. I’m not competing against anyone (I don’t think). I realized, though, that maybe less than 10 of that 138 were actual physical books instead of e-books. Not working in a bookstore has drastically decreased the amount of books that I actually get to hold in my hands. I still get quite a few advanced copies from publishers (maybe more so than I did when I was a bookseller), but the bulk of those come in electronic form. So, even though I don’t do well with participating in challenges, I’ve decided to set one up for myself. The aptly named 2015 Physical Book Challenge. I’m not going to assign a number to it, I just want to increase the number and put a dent in my to-be-read pile.

to-be-read pile #1

to-be-read pile #1

These are the books that I’ve acquired in the past year or so. Haven’t touched one of them. I want this pile gone soon.

to-be-read pile #2

to-be-read pile #2

Now, this is the to-be-read motherlode pile. Those books have piled up for awhile and I haven’t read anything off this shelf in years. Don’t judge me.

I am almost finished with the first book in the challenge, The Dirty Version, about Ol’ Dirty Bastard from the Wu-Tang Clan.

20141118_111656Review to come soon…hopefully. Let me know what kind of books do you read. Are you strictly old school and need to flip pages? Are you an electronic convert and like being able to click on a word and immediately get a definition? Or, are you a hybrid of the two like me?


One thought on “2015 Physical Book Challenge

  1. I’m a hybrid I guess you’d say, but physical books are the smallest slice of the pie. I mostly read on my Kindle. I also sometimes read on my phone a bit. I also listen to audiobooks in my car. Every once in a while my book club will pick something that’s either not on the Kindle or I’m not sure I want to pay for and I’ll check it out from the library. My daughter also prefers actual books so that’s what I usually end up reading out loud in the evenings.

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