Beverly Jenkins


I’m pretty sure at this point in my reading career, it’s assured that I’m going to love anything that comes out of Beverly Jenkins brain. Seriously, I love her. I don’t make a habit of rereading books, but I’ve read each of hers several times because they serve as comfort food to me.

Breathless is the second book in the Old West series, but really, since all of her characters are connected in some way, Jenkins’ entire catalog catalog is one long series. Picking up about 15 years later from the ending of Forbidden and it’s aftermath. The Carmichael family have resettled in Arizona and are running a hotel with neice Portia at the helm as the manager. She’s smart and independent which are not really prized attributes in 1885, especially for Black women. Portia is focused on her family’s business leaving matters of the heart to her starry eyed little sister, until a man from their past rides into town and works to change her mind.

There wasn’t as much conflict in this book as in previous ones, but I enjoyed reading about Portia and Kent getting to know each other as adults as well as what the Carmichael family has been up to.


I received a complimentary copy of this e-book from Edelweiss and Avon in exchange for my honest review.

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