Is This Thing On?

It’s ridiculous how bad I am as a book blogger. Especially since I am great as a book reader. And I was also a really good bookseller.

But writing/blogging and I don’t get along so well. If you ever invite me out to lunch, dear reader, I will gladly sit with you for hours and discuss everything I’m reading, have read, or hope to read soon. Not just because your feeding me (because you will have to pay for lunch; it’s not in my budget), but because I could TALK about books all day. Writing all day? Nah…

Maybe I’m intimidated by all the great writing I’m exposed to. Maybe I don’t think I’m as good as other bloggers. Maybe I’m lazy. Maybe I don’t have time for a blog.

All of those things are false, of course. I’ve read enough self help books to recognize “negative self talk” when I hear it. Recognizing it is easy, fighting it is harder. But I must try. I’m not a bookseller anymore, but I’m still an avid reader and I need to share with others – the good and the bad.

So let’s try this again, shall we? I’m going to read something then I’m going to tell you what I thought of it. Sometimes I will force you to drop what you’re doing and go buy a book. Other times I will invite you to join me as lament having to give up on a book (and maybe it’s author, too). And I’ll continue to try and find my authentic review voice that I hope you will enjoy reading.

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