1. Breathing Space

Twelve Lessons for the Modern Woman
by Katrina Repka and Alan Finger

First finished book of the year! And a great one to start out with. Katrina Repka chronicles a year of her life that included significant changes. Like a lot of young women obsessed with the New York that we see portrayed in tv shows and movies like Sex in the City, she moved there thinking that the move alone would be enough to jumpstart her life. But, as so often happens (I know this first hand), your issues and problems follow you wherever you go.

She visited the yoga center of Alan Finger, a Master Yogi, and for the next twelve months, with his help, was able to learn more about herself and obtained the tools to move forward. Alan gave her instruction in the form of breathing exercises to help her focus on what’s important.

We all take our breath for granted. When we are stressed or afraid, the first thing that we do is hold our breath – the very thing that keeps us alive. The exercises that Katrina & Alan show us in this book are very effective in helping to deal with a myriad of problems. There are exercises to calm the breath and also to energize. Told within the context of Katrina’s life, they are very effective and I believe, very useful for us all.